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The Leasehold Information Pack is a series of documents purchased by the seller of a leasehold property. The pack, which costs £330.00, contains information about the freehold management, ground rent and service charges, and forms part of the formal leasehold enquiries that a seller needs to provide to the buyer.

All service charges, including repairs and maintenance are property-based, so when a leasehold property is sold, the purchaser becomes responsible for any charges from date of completion, even if they relate to the sellers period of ownership. It is expected that the sellers and buyers solicitors will agree on how any future invoices are to be settled with potentially having a ‘retention’ held by the sellers solicitors until the final accounts have been raised if applicable.

The council does not get involved in any negotiations with regards to retentions and apportionments for future bills. It is expected however, that any invoices that have been raised on the account are paid on completion by the seller.

If there are any outstanding charges on completion of the assignment, then the new Leaseholder will be charged, upon receipt of the Notice of Assignment

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