Community Trigger referral form.

Your contact details

Please provide your details so that we can contact you. If you are completing this form on behalf of a friend or a client of your service, please provide details of the person affected by this situation. We will use this to ask any further questions or provide feedback on your referral as necessary.

Your details will not be shared with agencies outside of the Community Safety Partnership but will be stored in line with Data Protection principles.

Anonymous Community Trigger referrals will not be counted as community triggers but the details recorded will be shared with other agencies.


Equalities Monitoring (Optional questions)

Details of incidents

The Community Trigger criteria is as follows: Three reports from an individual about separate incidents in 6 months or 3 individuals have separately reported similar in 6 months.


Keeping you informed

We will keep you informed about progress.

Our promise is to acknowledge receipt of your referral within two working days. An initial assessment of your situation will be carried out at the next Anti-social Behaviour Agency Meeting (ASBAM). You will be notified of the outcome of the assessment within 5 working days of the ASBAM meeting. If your referral meets the criteria an officer from an appropriate lead agency (in discussion with you) will review your situation and advise of the next steps.

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