Report a missed bin collection

Our waste and recycling collection crews only return to empty bins (including kerbside food caddies) that have genuinely been missed.

We record all bins that are not put out for collection, are too heavy or are contaminated on an electronic reporting system in the vehicle’s cab. Returning to empty bins that were either not put out for collection, contaminated or too heavy; takes up valuable time and resource that could have been better used elsewhere.

If you need our crew to return and empty your bin:

• its weight must be reduced
• it must be free of contamination; and
• it must be presented on the boundary of the property.
A fee of £47 will be charged in advance to cover the cost of returning.

If you do not wish to pay the fee, then you will be asked to wait until the next scheduled collection or take the waste to your nearest Recycling Centre.

To avoid a missed collection, residents are reminded that their bins should be placed on the boundary of their properties by 6.45am on their normal day of collection.

You can check your bin collection date online.

If you believe that we have genuinely missed your bin collection, then please continue with the reporting process below.
If your bin was not collected due to one of the reasons outlined above and you want us to return to collect your bin, please contact the call centre to pay the fee on 01442 228000 and ask for customer services

Missed Green Bin

Please note green-lidded bins will only be collected if you have purchased a garden waste subscription for the 2023 season. If you have not purchased your subscription please visit our garden waste subscription page.
Your green-lidded bin will then be collected on your next scheduled collection day.
Do not fill in this form if you have not already purchased the garden waste subscription.

What type of property?

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